Sunday, October 7, 2012


hey darlings, as i warned i might, i've abandoned the heart blog and i've started a brand new one, so if you're interested come join me at:


Monday, July 30, 2012

live free

Tattered denim, dreamy lace, flowing tassels, feathers, beads... The free (fashion) spirit is in whilst the festival fever burns for a while longer. All this drooling over Nasty Gal has me wondering when my own spirit forgot the meaning of freedom. Probably the day it learnt the words "library" and "office." Sigh. Maybe at least dressing with freedom in mind will help nurse its clipped wings.
Click here for the full photo shoot (and maybe even like the Facebook page - if you do actually like it, that is).
Click here for the full photo shoot (and maybe even like the Facebook page - if you do actually like it, that is).

Models: Katerina.B & Misa.D
Photographer: Eliska.H

Monday, July 23, 2012

best of friends

I still remember the first time I saw her, twelve years old, hiding in the depths of an oversized hoodie, nervous as our Year 8 teacher guided her into the light of the class' young judgmental eyes. Her eyes skirted the room until they locked on mine and I was a little taken aback when she shot me that full-blown, million-dollar California smile. She reminded me of a chipmunk - so slight and adorable, that button nose, seemingly shy but with some ambiguous air of mischief about her... I don't remember our first conversation, but K and I were inseparable from that day forward.
A month or so later, just before her thirteenth birthday, we were sitting at lunch munching on our sandwiches when a friend turned to her and asked, "So, are you guys, like, best friends now?" Curious, my eyes shifted toward K. Back then, the question was on par in seriousness with asking a couple if they were getting married. But K just scoffed and said "Yeaaah" in an almost irritated way, as if it was stupid to even ask, as if there was nothing more obvious. I smirked to myself in quiet satisfaction.
She only stayed a semester, and that was the longest we'd ever been in one country at the same time. K whizzed off back to California, leaving me in the Czech Republic feeling alone. But those six months of trouble-making, of childish games and fantastic adventures sealed a friendship that even the distance and time that has since separated us could never touch. We try to see each other annually, which is no easy task on a student budget - but she's here now, for the first time in three years, twenty years old and looking more beautiful than ever. See for yourselves...

[model: Katerina.B, photographer: Eliska.H]

Friday, July 20, 2012

new year's resolutions

[shorts from a boutique in Vietnam, DIY from H&M men's shirt, flip-flops from Croatia, sunglasses from H&M, gifted bag with DIY lace]

I know what you're thinking. It's july for Christ's sake. Either she's five months too early or seven months too late. Either way, she's confused. All I can say is let me enjoy my last two remaining years of studenthood and insist that a year ends in the summer and starts in fall. And it wouldn't be right if one year turned into the next without some fleeting hope for improvement, some vows of change.

Admittedly change is the last thing I need to hope for, as - Ladies and Gentlemen - i am moving to France come September. What with all the novelty of a year in a foreign town studying Law in French (HELP!), my New Year's Resolutions are directed at this cyber life of mine. I briefly contemplated starting afresh with an entirely new blog (an idea that I have not yet entirely abandoned), but decided to give the poor, neglected Heart Blog another chance in the end... So here are my New Year's Resolutions, a blogging manifesto effective immediately:

1. Regular posting. Isn't this the downfall of every initially keen blogger? One starts off so well and then real life gets in the way. Well, away real life! I plan to blog my heart out.

2. Writing. So far, The Heart Blog has primarily been a visual melange of n'importe quoi. Strangely enough, though, I have recently discovered an unfamiliar urge to write, to express ideas, to tell stories... I suppose it's an experiment (for both me and you) because, excluding essays on various aspects of the Law, I have never been much of a writer. You guessed right - I'm asking you to bear with me.

3. Photography. There are few instances when I feel more myself than with a camera in hand. The familiar curves of my petit Nikon (a baby amongst DSLRs) comfort me to no end and I hope a year away from the F1 speed of Cambridge life will allow for some good old Eliska+Nik bonding time... If, by chance, you happen to be curious as to what that bonding time has resulted in in the past, please do check out my website>>>

4. Diverse content. Whilst I'd still like The Heart Blog to remain photograph-heavy, there are so many things I want to sare with you. My head feels a little crowded in any case - I reckon sharing the load with The Blog couldn't hurt. To emphasise my seriousness on this point, here's what I've had on replay for the past few days (weeks?):

5. Involvement. I frequent many of your blogs, and yet my somewhat sporadic posting has resulted in only minor engagement in the blogging community itself. But hey, this is all about to change.

To this, Ladies and Gents, you may hold me accountable.

P.S. I've introduced capital letters into my (oh-so-exciting) blogging life. Quelle novelty.

Monday, July 9, 2012

one year

with my knight, my one and only

jeden rok s mým rytířem, mým jediným