Saturday, February 5, 2011


my friend and i have launched a street style blog for cambridge!
please check it out (by clicking the image above) and i would love you forever and ever if you would like our page on facebook
not that i don't love you already=)

já a moje kamarádka jsme nedávno otevřely street style blog pro cambridge!
mrkněte se, prosím, na to (kliknutím obrázku^) a budu vám navždy vděčná, když se vám to bude "líbit" na facebooku. jako "like." česky to zní divně=)


also, i got this award from the lovely yvette, and whilst i don't usually do these things, i thought i'd spread the love, so here goes...

7 facts about me:
i. i have too little time for efficient blogging=(
ii. which may be due to the fact that i'm trying to get a law degree=)
iii. but if i didn't have to earn money, i'd probably be a photographer... or a dancer...?
iv. and i know they say money isn't everything, but i have my doubts=P
v. because i really want a chanel 2.55
vi. i think you aaaalll need to check out camstreets=)
vii. this is a really long post.

and i'm passing it on to 5 lovely bloggers...


pass it on if you can be bothered?


johanna said...

THANK YOU! So sweet

Grace said...

I am all over this!

And the fb page. :)

Love Grace.

rebecca said...

following camstreets! hopefully i'll see some of my friends on there soon (: (ps, i don't have enough time for blogging either, university and degrees are so damn time consuming :( )

Moniek said...

Really cool idea!

Fashion Queen said...

Cool photo.

CMA said...

i really love your blog!
keep the wonderful inspiration flowing!
come visit COSMICaroline for a revamped layout and see the work of my brand new photographer!


Isquisofrenia said...

oh thank you girl for the taggin! and i love love the first photo!

My Republic of Fashion said...

I must check this blog out. :) Great picture. :)SArahD

wobblinbetty said...

I'm off t check it now!!

le pearl said...

What a fab idea, totally checking out! hope you have been well hun xo

Rand T said...

sooo GOOD darling!! love italott:)

TOPCOAT said...

THANK YOU for passing the award on to me :)
Have a lovely weekend! xx

Fora do Basico said...

WoOou,very nice,I like thouse style's
Kisses from Brazil

STACY said...

I actually love couple photos, even though I'm single.
maybe it's because I'm single haha.
clicking _ checking out style blog now!

x Stace

ludmilla doll said...

i love your shoes **
i become a fan

ludmilla doll said...

thanx for your comment ^^