Saturday, April 21, 2012

more manchester fashion week mania

wearing: h&m top, blazer and pants, zara bag, new look shoes, topshop jewelry and sunglasses. the very high street me. oh, and one of the manchester fashion week goodie bags.
j looking swish in a topman blazer, shirt and tie, and documenting the events of the day on film.
super sleek vivienne westwood reps (left) and lucy and aya (right), who flew in form dubai earlier that day.
we had a blast with these uber stylish lovelies.
so much love for the street style and the incredible people we met
treats, goodie bags and breaking out the bubbly
ruth and jonathan, the masterminds behind manchester fashion week.


Eve.H said...

Krásné fotky a závidím, že jsi tam byla ;)

Francesca Romana Capizzi said...

I see a lot of glam people!!
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LUAR said...

Beautiful outfit and photos! So many different styles, I love it.

from L U A R


Confetti said...

Simply looks amazing.

Clara Turbay said...

This blog is so special!

Romi Ya said...

Amazing shots!! Congratulations!

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Milkwoman said...

beautiful people...a tobě to sluší.

Daysha Desaulnier said...

Ohh great pictures!!

parfum said...

Lovely pics. amazing collection.
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Christina said...

Hello! Great blog and great pics. Good to see Manchester fashion.


Sarah Sanderson-Naidoo said...

Love your blog.
When was Manchester Fashion Week?...
Im the Assistant Fashion & Marketing Manager for Grafea and I would deff look to attend next time.
love love xxx