Sunday, June 20, 2010

i haven't posted on here in FOREVER! i've just been having such a fantastic time with all my friends, i've kind of neglected it here...=(

anywaysss, i've fallen in love with the tigerlily ads on their website... just the photography
here's one:

aaand i've been so flickr-addicted recently, so check out my photostream if you like (link on the right)
also i'm working on building a new website (instead of my old one, which i won't even bother linking) as a portfolio, as on friday (and this is exciting) i photographed my first paid shoot! =)

a taster photo (from a random boring day at boarding school)...

hope everyone's having as good a time as i am=)


zuzana said...

moc krasne fotky...jak na te strance, tak na tvem flickru ;)
a za tech 365 te obdivuju, ja to zkousela taky, ale nemam na to vuli :(

eliska.h said...

jeee moc dekuju... ale zatim moc neobdivuj, jsem teprve na jedenactem dni=)

zuzana said...

stejne obdivuju, uz jsi to dotahla mnohem dal nez ja :D