Saturday, July 30, 2011

this city is a blur

ho chi minh city (or saigon) is one heck of a buzzing, vibrant place that will put either put a smile on your face or drive you completely nuts. for me, it's usually both at the same time. so i sort of kind of really love it here.

also i really want to get back into a semi-regular blogging routine again (was i ever in one?) so watch this space lovelies 

ho chi minh city (neboli saigon) je bzučící, živé město, které člověka buď rozesměje, nebo přivede k šílenství. pro mě platí většinou obojí... takže to tu jaksi miluji.

také bych se ráda znovu dostala do pravidelného blogování (i když nevím, zda jsem vůbec někdy blogovala pravidelně), takže se sem občas mrkněte

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cuteredbow said...

Nice to discover your beautiful blog and your style !

Rand T said...

wow looks good x

Peppie said...

are you also vietnamese?
i wish i could be in vietnam now, but only for at most 4 weeks otherwise the noise in the city will drive me insane :D

btw. you're really gorgeous!!

♥, peppie

wobblinbetty said...

I am looking forward to some regular posting girl...and I'm following you now (I thought I did already!!)
awesome pics btw

Пименава Яна said...

i like this =)