Tuesday, August 2, 2011

and the hair fades away...

i swear that my hair goes a lighter colour every summer... it kind of (in a very distant, abstract way) makes me worried about how soon it'll turn white. ok, i know i have a while to go, but anyway. In the top 2 photos you can see the (vietnamese) sun's bleaching powers over the span of a week! and some pretty lanterns i saw at a restaurant, just to make this post a little less awkward and so full of my face

myslím, že mi každým létem světlají vlasy o něco víc... trošičku (byť značně abstraktně) se bojím dne, kdy mi úplně vybělají. jasně, ještě to bude pár let, ale i tak. rozdíl mezi prvními dvěma fotkami ukazuje, co dokáže (vietnamské) sluníčko za pouhý týden! a ještě jsem přihodila pár pěkných světel, aby tenhle post nebyl tak divně zaplněn mým obličejem...


Margaret said...

love your watch! where it is from??

CeCe & NuNu said...

Nice photos and lovely blog!



Peppie said...

yes I'm vietnamese living in Germany. that's an cool mix czech AND vietnamese, never seen that before :) I wish I could be in vietnam right now, it's been a long time since I've been there.
what's that wht you're working?

I wish you a wonderful time there with a lot of good experiences! :)

much ♥, peppie

Michelle's Style File said...

Those lanterns are wonderful!


Isabella | THE PILE OF STYLE said...

Really nice photos, and your sense of style is amazing.
Great post tough, I looked at whole blog
and it's adorable! :D

Hope you check my http://thepileofstyle.blogspot.com/

Tee said...

Beautiful girl!


The fashion moodboard said...

Very pretty pictures girl! And nice blog <3


Yara said...

Lovely post, LOL about your hair. I was just showing my blog to my granny (she turned 87 yesterday and slept over here at my mothers') and she said "wonder how soon you'l be white, you're getting lighter bye the year" hahahhaa! Well there is always a possibility to dye, don't you agree ;)

With ♥ Yara

Bad Joan said...

Your hair will be beautiful in any shade. You have a lot of it which is lovely. Great watch btw!


Gabrielle - I LIKE IT FAST said...

Love your photos and blog! Your style is amazing

The Cat Hag said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog. ♥

I am loving your delicately whimsical photos on your blog, they definitely reflect your personality. :)

The Cat Hag
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joana said...


the nyanzi report said...

cool pictures.

Isquisofrenia said...

must the chlorine in the waters
mine is black and now its dark brown but anywyas you look pretty

costra y ampolla said...

ombre hair is the way to go!

Sarita said...

wow i love these photos!:)
those lanterns are absolutely amzing!! i really would like to eat in a restaurant like that. so pretty, woow!

Iben said...

I wish my hair would go to white so that I didn't have to bleach it:( SV: aaaw, you are so sweet! Loving your blog aswell!

Thanks so much for visiting!

xoxo Despite color