Monday, August 8, 2011


firstly i would like to say that i can legitimately make fun of all of the above nationalities, as it is entirely well intended and good-natured... i briefly contemplated the lack of political correctness in posting the snapshots, but i thought it was too silly not to share=) oh and the photo above that is the view from my office in ho chi minh city for the summer

PS - i gave my blog a little makeover=)

chtěla bych nejdřív říct, že si můžu z všech těchto národností dělat trošku legraci, jelikož to myslím jen a jen dobře... na chvíli jsem si pochybovala, zda je vhodné ty fotky sem přidat, ale co.... ještě abych se nepodělila=) jo, a ta fotka nahoře je z okna mé kanceláře na léto v saigonu

PS - trošičku jsem přeďelala blog=)


Virginia said...

hahahaha totally right in my book! and yes, unfortunately, thats the american pose all righ but i call it the" i just took off my braces and have been practicing my new smile" look.

great post!

Gabrielle - I LIKE IT FAST said...

So hilarious!

Clara said...

Lovely blog!

fotofacefashions -fff. said...

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love the blog!

Bad Joan said...

Clever post! Love your shirt.


Virginia said...

hahaha yes, the prom queen! so typical, it kinda goes hand in hand with the braces. oh the teen years!

being 21 is totally better! and i may take you up on that photog advice! i just need to know what type of advice i need first! trial and error might work!

thanks for stopping by!

still laughing about this post!

Isquisofrenia said...

you loook so cute and i like the new look of blog

Cavalli Martina said...

dobré fotky :)))

wobblinbetty said...

these are fun babe!!! :)))
loving also your office view shot!!

Rand T said...

haha loveit and love the new look!x

Fashiable said...

Haha funny pics :)

minnja said...

Love the pic and your smile!